December 26 , 2008
Zeffie refuses to let me wear slippers!

August 11 , 2008
This video of Zeffie and an empty Tylenol bottle is hilarious!

August 4 , 2008
Thanks to all who sent such kind emails about Darla's passing. I still think of her every day, but not every minute, because the tears would dehydrate me.

Zeffie is doing fantastic. He's a crazy spazzy boy, playing with toys, doing his weasel war dance at the slightest provocation, and wrestling with my other 'kids' to keep in shape. Have a look at the YouTube video below, in which he cheerfully beats up his toy ferret.

April 26, 2008
Once again, tragedy left me unable to update this website for months. My ferrets are more than merely pets. They're my family, companion animals who share my joys and sorrows as well as my living space.

Some good things did happen. In July 2007, I adopted Becker, a lively sable boy whose owner was moving and unable or unwilling to take him. At first I called him Oscar, but his 'beck-beck' noise prompted a name switch. He's a complete mama's boy, snuggling under my chin when I pick him up and giving me enthusiastic kisses. In November, I also adopted a deaf kit named Lester, aka 'Lester the Molester', because he loves to pounce on sleeping humans and ferrets and forcibly wake them. I'll post some pictures of both soon. Becker and Lester are the best of friends, and Samson, my 'man of the house', puts up good-naturedly with their spazzy behaviour.

On September 12, 2007, though, I suffered a major loss than I can only blog about now. My precious Darla, the reason why I began this website so many years ago, lost her battle with cancer and left me to go to the Bridge. I'll go into more details later, as I'm still trying to cope, but she did go peacefully, and left me with a hole in my heart that will never be completely filled. I also couldn't keep up this website without her. It was a tribute to her as well as an information resource for other albino ferret lovers.

Earlier this month, I got an email from Olympia of Ferret Aid, who'd provided moral support when Jasper and Darla left me. She told me that a little albino boy had been dropped off at the local Animal Control. She didn't have to ask me twice if I wanted him. He came to my house on Sunday April 20, and he's been ruling the roost ever since.... when Samson lets him.

Site visitors, I'd like you all to meet Zephyr the albino ferret, Zeffie for short. He's my partner in the ongoing maintenance of this site, and will have his own page soon along with those of Perri and Darla. I have no idea how old he actually is, but Olympia said he couldn't be any older than one and a half or two years. I suspect that he may have been an only ferret in his previous home, because he's a docile 'suck' when I pick him up, but for the first few days he was a rambunctious terror around the other ferrets. Samson, the boss ferret here, put him in his place quickly, so he chased Becker and Lester so incessantly that they'd run for cover at the sight of him. Don't worry, everyone is the best of friends at the time of this writing, but it was touch and go for awhile. If you'd like to see some more photos of Zeffie, click on the links below.

Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3

I will never forget Darla. A beautiful granite urn containing her ashes sits on a place of honor on my counter, next to an identical one that marks Jasper's final resting place. It seems like such a different world without them. But I know that goodbye is not forever.

Below is a tribute video that I made in both Jasper's and Darla's memories. The Rainbow Bridge section of this site has been updated to include Maggie and Jasper: Darla's page will be updated soon.

July 28, 2007
I have not been able to write until now. On April 25, 2007, my deaf sweetie, Jasper, whose pictures are all over this weblog, lost his year-long battle with cardiomyopathy and passed away in his sleep. My heart is shattered. I think back to when I began this site over four years ago, in February 2003. My brother and I had a full houseload of ferrets, with Jasper, Maggie, and Darla. Just before that, we also had Junior ruling over the clan. Now only Darla is left from that furry team of merry mayhem. Only last night, I held her on my lap and looked over old diary entries from those days. I had to stop, because the heartbreak got to be too much, and I could tell that my distress was upsetting her too. As soon as my emotions are on a more even keel, I'll add a section for Jasper and for Maggie on the 'Rainbow Bridge' page. I can't right now, it hurts too much. But I know that they understand.
March 13, 2007
I got an e-mail from my mother late last week telling me that Maggie passed away. I've mentioned Maggie in this blog before and shown her picture. I can't believe it. I'd known for awhile that she had an adrenal tumor and complications from improper spaying, but we all thought that she was rallying. She was a feisty but loving little soul, full of maternal spirit. We used to tease her by making stuffed toys squeak and watch her go berserk trying to protect what she thought was a baby in distress. Rest in peace, Maggie. I miss you!
December 24 , 2005
I just discovered what Darla's favorite toy is. Jasper has his stuffed husky and Samson has his 'jingle bell mouse' from Marshall Farms, but Darla? Never much of one for toys, although she will chase a plastic ball when you roll it. Well, now I have uncovered the secret: she loves plastic Folger's coffee containers!! I rolled an empty one on the floor this morning and she went nuts. She danced, dooked, then hauled it off. That was this morning, and she's playing with it for the umpteenth time as we speak. Merry Christmas!!
August 8, 2005
In an hour I catch the bus to the vet clinic to go pick up Jasper, Darla, and Samson. They've been staying there while I've been in Chicago on company business. They'll be ecstatic to get home, despite the attention they get among their babysitters. Jasper and Samson are popular for their friendliness, while Darla has commanded uneasy respect as the "red-eyed devil ferret."
July 23 , 2005
It's official- I have stopped setting my alarm clock each morning. Seriously, there is no need to. At 6:15 am sharp, never fail, Jasper, Darla, and Samson are all over me, poking my bare skin with wet noses, digging at my feet, tunneling under my pillow and jostling my head. Each Saturday I buy a pint of blueberries at the Farmer's Market, so they're always clamoring around my feet in the kitchen while I'm making coffee. I made the mistake of tossing them a few berries to distract them, and they've been at me each morning ever since.
June 12, 2005
I have not intended to neglect this site. But so much has happened in my life since I last made an entry, and a lot was left by the wayside, not just this Albino Ferret log. At any rate, my furry family is doing just fine. Darla is snaking around my chair legs as I type this, hoping for a piece of my toast and peanut butter. Samson and Jasper are snoozing away in their little cubbyhole under the bathroom sink. All is well.
August 5, 2004
This morning we had someone coming around the apartments in my building to test the smoke alarms. I made sure to cage the furry trio, only to have the inspector and the superintendent knock on my door just as I was preparing to leave for the day. The inspector walked down the hall to my alarm and did some test that resulted in its shrieking like a banshee. Jasper kept on sleeping, being deaf, but Darla and Samson were up and alert. When the noise stopped, the inspector asked if he could see the ferrets, so I opened the cage door. Jasper slept, Samson climbed out and sniffed the man's shoes curiously. Darla? Hissed like a rabid animal and charged for him. I grabbed her before she could bury her teeth in his ankle in retribution for killing her ears.
June 24 , 2004
We have a new family member in the house: Samson! A gigantic cinnamon male who's only 7 months old but still weighs in at 5 pounds of pure wimp. He's a big suck, lets Jasper drag him around and Darla make her best effort. Photos soon!
December 3 , 2003
With the coming of winter, Jasper is sleeping a lot more, whereas Darla is as wild as ever. Last night she did something unusual though. At 2:30 am I awoke to the sound of determined scratching on my bedroom door, and opened it to find Darla there, splatted on her belly, looking lonely- guess Jasper was asleep. She perked up when I let her into the room, and promptly tunnelled under the blankets. I got back in bed warily, bracing myself to kick her out if she nipped my ass like she's been known to do. But she simply curled up beside me and stayed put until my alarm went off at 7. So cute, hope she does that more often.
October 27 , 2003
Gabby looks a lot like Darla. Speaking of Darla, she's the only ferret I've ever had who loves the shower. Bring Jasper near and he screams the house down. Darla is part fish.
July 21 , 2003
Back in the swing of things! This article settles the question of whether albino ferrets are weaker than their darker brethren.
May 24 , 2003
I know it's been over a month since I made an update. I have been busy working on a (non ferret-related) manuscript for publication, and what time I have aside from caring for the furkids and working, is devoted to that. Things should be better at the beginning of June, as that's when I have to pass the manuscript in.
Darla, Maggie, and Jasper are all fine. They're getting ready for the ferret frolic taking place here in Ottawa at the end of the month.
This is a great story about an albino jill brought to the UK shelter; she was pregnant at the time and had an adorable litter.